Hi there!

I'm Corey Chandler, Principal Interaction Designer with Deep Dive Design, a San Francisco Bay Area design consulting company.

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Companies I've had the pleasure of working with:

Commerce, social, search, media, travel, data visualization, finance, education, and advertising companies.

One Kings Lane

Numerous projects including overall site redesign, and redesigning the overall process by which vendor inventory is brought onboard.


Worked with StubHub Labs as a hybrid Product Manager and Interaction Designer to deliver a social planning iPhone app.


Designed faceted search concepts as well as alternative methods for gathering "Taste Input" for personalization.


Interaction designer from 2003-2009, projects including acting as User Experience Design Lead for Finding and the original iPhone app.


Involved in various projects including designing the Payment Center for QuickBooks and Quickbooks Online Payroll.


Redesigned the Gigwalk site and mobile app to enable new types of Gigs to be completed and new processes to complete gigs.


Investigated and prioritized opportunities in the mobile space, and provided initial mobile web design work.


Conducted usability research and provided redesign input for Talent Bin's home page and overall search experience.


Initial work on design of their ads, and again later after their pivot creating designs for their Point of Sale devices.


Provided their initial information architecture, site design and information visualization dashboard, as well as usability testing.


Worked with other designers to provide "visiontypes" illustrating different strategic directions for the company to pursue.


Assisted with the design involved with integrating their acquisitions of CourseRank and Cramster, as well as several other projects.


Provided design work for the Slice iPhone app as well as a Goodreads competitor focused on the social aspects of book-reading.


Develop a concept and initial designs for a product that provided news and media content related to users' range of interests.


Redesigned the entire web site experience. Work contributed to a 260% increase in app downloads over the previous year.


End-to-end redesign especially focused around creating a design framework that scaled well to a multitude of possible use cases.


Worked with another designer to redesign the end-to-end flow for the wize website, from home page to product page.


Designed the first end-to-end version of their site (IA, flows, and wireframes), including payment flows from their utility partners.


Worked with the team at blekko in the early stages of the company to provide design feedback for the initial search results page variations.


Two Program Manager internships with the Meeting and Presentation Services team (eg. SharePoint) while still in school.

UC Berkeley

Involved with numerous interface design-related projects with the Group for User Interface Research lead by Professor James Landay.

Other Interests